• CD6163 Type of the products:CD6163
    The series products are high speed and large spindle hole universal lathes. It has a wide range in machining the thick bars and the pipes of the large diameter belowF118mm. It is suitable for machining all kinds of swiveling workpiece.

The series products are high speed and large spindle hole universal lathes. It has a wide range in machining the thick bars and the pipes of the large diameter belowF118mm. It is suitable for machining all kinds of swiveling workpiece.
Main Features:
·Large spindle bore(F120mm).
·High accuracy and low noise for its hardened and ground gears in the headstock.
·New slide bearing patented by the State has good antivibrition and constant spindle accuracy.
·According to the users' order, the lengthened machine can be equipped with double aprons.
·Rapid removing device used by apron with high efficiency.
·Special accessories and special machines are supplied according to the demand of users.
  Unit CD6163 CD6263 CD6171 CD6271 CD6180 CD6280
Max.swing Dia.over bed mm 630 630 710 710 800 800
Max.swing Dia.over saddle mm 390 390 460 460 550 550
Max.swing Diameter over gap mm   830   910   1000
Max.length of workpiece m 1,1.5,2,3,4,5,6,8
Spindle bore diameter mm 120
Range of spindle speed(steps) r/min 12-1000(18)
Range of metric thread(kinds) mm 1-192(57)
Range of inch thread(kinds) tpi 2-24(30)
Range of module thread(kinds) mm 0.25-48(40)
Range of pitch thread(kinds) DP 1-96(37)
Total power of moter kw 7.875
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