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    CDZ series horizontal lathes are supplied with two systems both in metric and in inch.

CDZ series horizontal lathes are supplied with two systems both in metric and in inch.
It has wide machining range and ample power, high rigidity and high efficiency, operation is convenient, safe and reliable. Its new slide bearing patented by state with good antivibrition and constant spindle accuracy and high machining accuracy roundness tolerance <=0.003mm, roughness value<=Ra1.6µm. Electric system of different frequency and voltage can be designed to meet the requirements of users.
CDZ6140 CDZ6240 CDZ6150 CDZ6250
CAPACITY Max. swing diameter over bed 400 400 500 500
Max. swing diameter over cross slide 210 210 300 300
Max. swing diameter over gap   670   760
Width of bed 358mm
Max. length of workpiece 500 1000 1500 2000 3000
SPINDLE Spindle nose C6
Spindle bore diameter 52mm
Taper of spindle bore Morse No.6
Range of spindle speed 12-1000r/min 24 Kinds
FEEDS Longitudinal feeds range 0.082-1.586mm/r 35 Kinds
Trasversda feeds range 0.027-0.529mm/r 35 Kinds
Metric threads range 1-192mm 57 Kinds
Inch threads range 2-24teeth/inch 30 Kinds
Module threads range 0.25-48mm 40 Kinds
Pitch threads range 1-96teeth/inch 37 Kinds
TAILSTOCK Morsetaper of tailstock sleeve Morse No.4
Travel of tailstock sleeve 150mm
Diameter of tailstock sleeve 70mm
MOTOR Main motor power 5.5kw
Rapid motor power 0.25kw
Cool pump power 0.125kw
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