• TZK50 Type of the products:TZK50
    TZK50 CNC deep hole scraping and rolling machine is adopted for the processing cylinder in batch.By using scraping rolling technology used in a variety of cylinder bore surface can precision processed.It can also be used for hot rolling cylinder boring-scraping-rolling finishing machining.The precision can reach IT7-IT10 and the roughness of surface below Ra0.2-0.4µm.

TZK50 CNC deep hole scraping and rolling machine is adopted for the processing cylinder in batch.By using scraping rolling technology used in a variety of cylinder bore surface can precision processed.It can also be used for hot rolling cylinder boring-scraping-rolling finishing machining.The precision can reach IT7-IT10 and the roughness of surface below Ra0.2-0.4µm.
The machining method is the workpiece fixed and the tools rotate and feed.The bed of machine is double rectangle guideway width 900mm.The guide carriage is move on the linear guideway by the hydraulic and the workpiece is fixed by taper hole position.It adopts Taiwan Yongzhen hydraulic station.The colling system is ground oil tank structrue.The filtrate method is chip conveyor-magnetism separator-fine filtration three grade and the filtrate precision can reach 50µ.The CNC system is Germany SIEMENS system.The length of cylinder below 3m is feeded by the lead screw and over 3m is by gear-racked.The efficiency of processing is 3-5 times of traditional deep hole machine if use the Germany Wenaroll high efficiency auto combination tools.
model TZK50(1-8m)
the range of boring diameter Φ200-Φ500mm
the range of borning depth 500-8000mm
the width of the machine guide way 900mm
the height of center(from the guide way to center of spindle) 650mm
range of feeding speed 10-3500mm/min(stepless)
the main motor of boring box N=45kW,SIEMENS AC spindle drive motor
range of drill box spindle 5-180r/min
the main motor power in boring box N=130kW,SIEMENS AC spindle drive motor
range of drill box spindle 150-800r/min three grade stepless
the workpiece clamped diameter by chuck Φ250-Φ625mm
feeding motor N=7.75kW,AC servo motor
CNC system SIEMENS 840
hydraulic pump motor N=2.2kW n=1440r/min
cooling pump motor N=11kW n=1440r/min two group,one group is controlled by frequency conversion
the rated pressure of cooling syestem 0.6Mpa
the motor of extract pump N=11kW n=1440r/min two group
the flow of cooling system 100-1500L/min (two group,one group is controlled by frequency conversion )
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