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    TK2125A CNC HIGH EFFICIENCY DEEPHOLE HONING MACHINE is used for making deephole parts, feeding mechanism adopts double-slant rack with properties of high rigidity and wide machining range. It’s main function includes drilling, boring(can boring blind holes)and rolling. After rolling the roughness usually can reach Ra0.4. It adopts BTA method for drilling, and push-boring method for boring, the coolant is supplied by oil carriage. The clamping of workpiece by oil carriage is controlled by hydraulic system with properties of safety and easy operation. The machine is suitable for both large and small batch of processing of hydraulic cylinders, spindle holes, cylinder holes and coolant holes.

TK2125A CNC HIGH EFFICIENCY DEEPHOLE HONING MACHINE is used for making deephole parts, feeding mechanism adopts double-slant rack with properties of high rigidity and wide machining range. It’s main function includes drilling, boring(can boring blind holes)and rolling. After rolling the roughness usually can reach Ra0.4. It adopts BTA method for drilling, and push-boring method for boring, the coolant is supplied by oil carriage. The clamping of workpiece by oil carriage is controlled by hydraulic system with properties of safety and easy operation. The machine is suitable for both large and small batch of processing of hydraulic cylinders, spindle holes, cylinder holes and coolant holes.
specifications technical data
Max. boring diameter Φ250mm
Drilling capacity Φ25~Φ80mm
Max. boring depth 1~8m(length to diameter ratio 100:1)
Center height(from flat guideway to spindle center) 350mm
Spingdle bore diameter Φ75mm
Front taper of spindle Φ85mm 1:20
Speed range and steps 70-1200r/min 12kinds
Feeding speed range 10-1000mm/min(stepless)
Rapid speed of feeding carriage 4000mm/min
Range of workpiece diameter Φ40~Φ350mm
Main motor N=30kW,n=1460r/min
Feeding motor N=3.3kW,α30/1200 A.C servo motor
Rapid motor of oil carriage N=2.2kW,n=960r/min
Rapid speed of oil carriage 3000mm/min
Coolant pump motor N=5.5kW,n=1460r/min(3 sets) N=7.5kW,n=960r/min(1 sets)
Hydraulic pump motor N=1.5kW,n=1440r/min
Rated pressure of cooling system 2.5~6.3MPa
Flow of coolant 80、180、280、380L/min
Rated pressure of hydraulic system 6.3MPa
General motor power N=61kW(coolant pump 24kW)
Overall machine weight 12t
Floor area 8800×1680×1700(mm)
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