• T2150 T2250A Type of the products:T2150 T2250A
    T2250A deephole drilling and boring machine is new product which is inovated on the base of our matured deephole drilling boring machine T2250A.According to the length of workpiece,the products adopts two processing technics:it adopts supplying oil by the guide carriage and hydraulic clamping workpiede when the workpiece is short,and adopts supplying oil from the end of oring bar and clamped by four claw chuck.The inovated guide carriage structure have the advantage of heavy loading of the workpiece and high rotate precision.The guideway is treated by quenching so that it has a high rotate precision.The guideway is treated by quenching so that it has a high resistamce of wearing.The surface roughness reaches to 0.4-4.8µm.

T2250A deephole drilling and boring machine is new product which is inovated on the base of our matured deephole drilling boring machine T2250A.According to the length of workpiece,the products adopts two processing technics:it adopts supplying oil by the guide carriage and hydraulic clamping workpiede when the workpiece is short,and adopts supplying oil from the end of oring bar and clamped by four claw chuck.The inovated guide carriage structure have the advantage of heavy loading of the workpiece and high rotate precision.The guideway is treated by quenching so that it has a high rotate precision.The guideway is treated by quenching so that it has a high resistamce of wearing.The surface roughness reaches to 0.4-4.8µm.According to the workpiece,several work style can be choosed:
1.workpiece rotate,cutting tool rotate and move to-and-fro.
2.workpiece rotate,cutting tool not rotate only move to-and-fro.
3.workpiece not rotate,cutting tool rotate and move to-and-fro.
specifications technical data
the range of boring diameter 250-500mm
the range of oring depth 1000-8000mm
the range of workpiece calmped diameter 60-330mm
spindle bore diameter 350mm
taper of spindle bore 75mm
range of spindle speed and step 85mm 1:20
range of boring bar speed and step 40-500r/min 11kinds
feed speed range 5-1000mm/min(stepless)
carriage raped-moving speed 2m/min
main motor power 30kW
motor power for boring bar 1.5kW
feed motor power 3kW
hydraulic pump motor power 4.4kW
cool pump motor power 5.5kW 4group
rated pressure for colling system 2.5MPa
flow of cooling system 100 200 300 400L/min
total motor power 6.3MPa
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