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    This  CNC 4-axis linkage continuous controlled turning center is designed for Semi-finish turning and finish turning shafts and plates as well as milling cylindrical and face.Except the function of turning linearity,oblique line,arc(cylindrical,rotary camber,spherical surface and conic section),straight and taper metric/inch screws,the machine mated SIEMENS 810D system has also the function of drilling radial and axial holes and screws.It is especially suitable for processing complicated and precision plate and shafts.

This CNC 4-axis linkage continuous controlled turning center is designed for Semi-finish turning and finish turning shafts and plates as well as milling cylindrical and face.Except the function of turning linearity,oblique line,arc(cylindrical,rotary camber,spherical surface and conic section),straight and taper metric/inch screws,the machine mated SIEMENS 810D system has also the function of drilling radial and axial holes and screws.It is especially suitable for processing complicated and precision plate and shafts.
Adopting 45° slant bed,the longitudinal and transversal guide way adopts high precision rolled guide way couples.The transmission system of the spindle adopts wide varied speed A.C. servo and the main motor drives spindleby multiwedge belt.The transmission of the X and Z axis adopt 1:1 shift,and the machine adopt semi-circled control.Mated with horizontal 12 positions power tool post and proper tools,the machine has wide technology adaptability.
Max.swing Dia.over bed Φ710mm
Max.turning diameter Φ630mm
Max.workpiece length 1000mm
Machining accuracy IT6
Machining roundness 0.001
roughness Ra0.8
Spindle bore diameter 80mm
Max spindle speed 3000r/min
Spindle nose A2-8
Diameter of the chuck Φ381mm
Main motor power 22/30kW
C axis re-positioning accuracy 18"
C axis positioning accuracy 36"
Rapid moving speed X/Y/Z axis 20/10/24m/min
Torque of the feeding motor X/Y/Z axis 18/18/27Nm
Max. travel of X/Y/Z axis 500mm/±50mm/1300mm
re-positioning accuracy X/Y/Z axis 0.002mm/0.002mm/0.002mm
positioning accuracy X/Y/Z 0.004mm/0.004mm/0.004mm
tool post type horizontal 12 positions power tool post
size of the cutter handle used for cutting cylindrical 25×20mm
diameter of the cutter handle used for internal hole 40H7
diameter of power tools Φ2-20mm
Max. speed of the power tools 4500r/min
torque of the power tools motor 27Nm
Tail stock spindle diameter and travel Φ120×120mm
Taper of the tail stock spindle morse 6
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 4860×2360×2739mm
Net weight 1400kg
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